Compliance services for individuals

  • Preparation and e-filing of your Dutch income tax return
  • Review income tax assessments and file appeals if necessary
  • Liaise with the Dutch Tax Authorities on your behalf
  • Request preliminary income tax refunds

Compliance services for entrepreneurs

  • Preparation of individual income tax returns, partnership returns and corporate income tax returns
  • Preparation of request for a provisional Dutch tax liability notice
  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns
  • Administration and annual accounts

We are familiar with a couple of often-used business administration tools including Exact online, Twinfield and Xero.

Compliance services for companies

  • Prepare and e-file Dutch income tax returns
  • Review income tax assessments and file appeals (if necessary)
  • Liaise with the Dutch tax authorities on your behalf
  • Request preliminary income tax refunds
  • Coordinate foreign income tax returns
  • Fast 30% ruling request applications
  • Exit and entry meetings
  • Prepare tax equalization calculations and total cost projections
  • Prepare and file A-1 statement / Certificates of Coverage
  • Applyfor work and residence permits

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