Hillbrook understands the complexities of the Dutch payroll administration that come along with an international workforce. Together with Nmbrs, Hillbrook has developed one of the best integrated international payroll solutions on the market. Whether you are hiring your first foreign employee or you are an international company with a large expat population, our professionals have the expertise to make sure that all relevant tax and social security rules are taken into account. Furthermore, we will make sure that your payroll is in line with your expat policies. Below you will some of the payroll services Hillbrook can provide.

  • Processing the 30% ruling in the payroll
  • Processing the payroll for non-resident employees
  • Processing the payroll for tax equalized employees
  • Processing foreign social security premiums and pension schemes
  • Processing complex salary splits or equity-incentive schemes
  • Payroll consultancy services for expatriate compensation

Hillbrook also provides payroll services for local employees. We can handle your payroll from 1 up to 1,000 employees. Please contact one of our payroll professional for more details or a live demonstration of what a Nmbrs can do for you.

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