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Lyke is a Tax Lawyer and Partner of Hillbrook and has over 20 years’ experience in the field of expatriate tax, international mobility and assignment management. Before joining Hillbrook in December 2013, Lyke worked for almost 2 years with Boxx, an expatriate consultancy firm in Belgium. Prior to that, she worked for more than 13 years in the International Assignments group of PricewaterhouseCoopers, managing several large client engagements and providing technical advice and guidance to HR, Tax and Finance professionals on all aspects of assignments including compensation, tax and HR issues. She was also responsible for the Sales & Business Development of the International Assignments group. Since 2012 Lyke has been a teacher at the Expatise Academy, teaching the subject ‘Understanding the system of international taxation and the avoidance of double taxation’.

Lyke’s area of expertise is in international tax and social security planning for expatriate individuals, but also has a broad knowledge of immigration/visa and experience with outsourcing projects. Lyke has a degree in both Civil Law and Tax Law.
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Henk is a founding member and Partner of Hillbrook. In 2009, he branched out on his own after spending over 15 years with Arthur Andersen and Deloitte. As a Senior Director in Deloitte’s International Assignment Services department, he was responsible for major client engagements and providing specialist expatriate tax and HR consultancy services. Henk was a teacher of cross border employment for 4 years at the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB). In 2013, he became a teacher again at the Expatise Academy, teaching global mobility (GM) professionals on the 30%-ruling. Further, Henk is very much engaged in the GM industry in the Netherlands and is the Chapter Leader of the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) in the Netherlands. In this capacity Henk organizes quarterly FEM seminars for GM professionals on different trending topics such as immigration, talent management, international employment law, policy benchmarking, 30%-ruling and other GM topics.

His area of expertise is expatriate tax compliance and consultancy. Henk has written a booklet on the 30%-ruling and numerous published articles on cross-border employment. As from 2004, he has been an author for the monthly payroll magazine ‘Praktijkblad voor de Salarisadministratie’.


There is currently a growing trend amongst companies to look to cut the costs of expat hires. The traditional long-term expatriate assignment is becoming less popular and companies are turning to alternatives such as hiring on the basis of a local or local-plus package. Because of this trend, companies in the Netherlands have a growing population of foreign local hires.

Most companies want to provide tax and immigration assistance to these employees, at least for their first year in the Netherlands, but are often taken aback by the level of fees that their service provider charges. At Hillbrook, we offer high-level tax and immigration services specifically for that group of employees. Depending on your needs and requirements for your foreign local hire population, we can deliver a fixed package of compliance services, consisting of application for work and residence permits, entry meetings, and the application of the 30% ruling and tax return assistance at very competitive prices. Curious to know how we assist international companies with their large local hire population? Please contact Henk Amorison or Lyke Apontoweil.