Following the latest press conference of the Dutch government, we would like to update you about the following.

Flight ban
In our last update, we informed you that there is a (passenger) flight ban from South Africa and countries in Central and South America and the United Kingdom (including a docking ban for ferries).

As from March 9th, 2021, the flight and ferries ban from the UK will be lifted. The negative test requirement for travelers from the UK and the urgent advice to self-quarantine on arrival will continue to apply.

Negative PCR test result requirement
All passengers traveling to the Netherlands by air or sea from a high-risk country (safe countries see below*) must be able to present a negative PCR test conducted less than 72 hours before arrival and a negative test result of a rapid COVID-19 test. Currently the passenger must show a rapid test conducted less than 4 hours before boarding the plane. Although not yet communicated via the official channels, this requirement will most likely be relaxed to less than 24 hours before boarding the plane. We advise you to regularly check this website for updates on the requirements.

Entry ban
The EU entry ban for non-essential travel from high risk countries (safe countries see below*) is still in place. A number of exemption categories were temporarily removed, but most likely will be added again as from March 16th, 2021. This means that (among other) Highly Skilled Migrants and business travelers (under conditions) coming to the Netherlands for less than 90 days are allowed entry again.

Safe countries*
The list of safe countries also has changed based on the local epidemiological situation. Please see this website for the latest update. We note that also the test requirement is in place in case traveling from within the EU/Schengen. Iceland is currently the only safe country within EU/Schengen according to this website.

Furthermore this list of safe countries is reviewed regularly on the basis of the local epidemiological situation and will be adjusted accordingly. For updates we refer to the government’s website.

New biometrics
In January 2020 it was already announced that for each new residence permit application, the applicant needed to submit new biometrics at the IND. Due to the Corona pandemic, this was delayed and the IND re-used the former provided biometrics if possible. Although not yet officially published on their website, we have been informed that as from March 8th, 2021 the IND will now require new biometrics for each application. Of course we will inform the applicants about this requirement when filing the application.

Other Dutch introduced measures
For additional information on all the Dutch introduced measures, please check this website.

Should you have any questions on the travel implications on current and/or upcoming cases do not hesitate to contact us.