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LATEST NEWS: On December 18th, 2018, the Dutch Senate (Eerste Kamer) approved the 2019 Tax Plan. The new 30%-Rule is part of this 2019 Tax Plan. The maximum duration of the 30%-Rule goes from 8 years to 5 years. Transitional rules apply for current 30%-Rule holders until January 1, 2021 READ MORE - NEWS : The new salary thresholds for Highly Skilled Migrants (HSM) MORE INFO


Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions, based in Amsterdam, is a niche firm in the expat tax, immigration and small-to-medium-sized enterprise services industry. We have a strong focus on compliance services for foreign local hires and tailored advisory services covering an extensive range of complex tax and global mobility issues.

You may be an individual who has moved here for work. You may be an entrepreneur starting a business for the first time in the Netherlands, or you may be opening a branch or office of an existing overseas business here. It may be that you represent a company with foreign local hires or internationally mobile employees. We can help you minimize the tax you need to pay whilst ensuring compliance with the law.


Hillbrook satisfies an ever-growing need for expatriate tax and immigration services for reasonable rates and most importantly, provides a high level of personalized service. What sets us apart from other tax firms is that we are truly independent from accountancy firms.


Hillbrook is growing and currently consists of 20 global mobility professionals with broad experience and specialist expertise. Almost all of them gained their knowledge at the Big 4 accountancy firms.

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We offer the quality and experience of a large firm,
but with the intimacy and attention of a boutique firm.

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