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Our services for individuals

Compliance services
  • Preparation and e-filing of your Dutch income tax return
  • Review income tax assessments and file appeals if necessary
  • Liaise with the Dutch Tax Authorities on your behalf
  • Request preliminary income tax refunds
Tax advisory
We can review your Dutch tax and social security position, in the context of your residency position (both past and present) to provide advice on how to best structure your affairs in order to minimise your tax burden. As an expat you often have more than one tax jurisdiction to consider and your remuneration packages can be more complicated with items such as tax equalization between home and host employers. At Hillbrook we can work closely with you to unravel all of these complexities and counsel you on what needs to be done to ensure your affairs are structured efficiently and compliantly.
30% Ruling
We are proud to have obtained an agreement with the Dutch Tax Authorities that enables us to determine, on their behalf, whether or not our clients are eligible for the 30% Ruling. This means that if you qualify, we can request a 30% Ruling application on your behalf and obtain the official 30% grant for you within one week. We can also liaise with your employer where necessary.
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