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The Forum for Expatriate Management

The Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) is an international on-line community which unites specialist expatriate service providers and in-house global mobility professionals in order to share greater knowledge and awareness of issues in the constantly changing world of expatriate management.

Hillbrook is honoured to have been appointed as Chapter Head for the Dutch Chapter of the Forum for Expatriate Management.

As a Chapter Head, Hillbrook organizes a number of events which will enable both in-house corporate members and a limited number of suppliers to gather in informal surrounding to hear cutting edge presentations, discuss thought leading topics and meet with fellow global mobility professionals. For more information on upcoming presentations, please see our Chapter page.
There is no charge for Corporate HR professionals to attend Chapter meetings provided they are members and there is no charge for membership.
Service providers who are paid members of the FEM can attend Chapter meetings for a fixed fee. Hillbrook donates these net fees to Oxfam Novib to support their microfinance program.
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